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Started from humble beginnings

Our founder started rentals and mining back in Bengkulu back in 1986 with with humble beginnings. Eventually building Kencana Raya Group with a focus on Infrastructure Construction, Mining Contracting, and Earthmoving Equipment Rentals. is one of the three pillars of Kencana Raya that provides earthmoving equipment rentals. Through our founder's strong vision and execution with 30 years mining and earthwork experience, we have grown to more than 350+ heavy equipments with portfolio and projects spanning across Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Java today. We believe repetition builds mastery. Our disciplined focus earthmoving businesses enabled Kencana Raya Group to remain efficient, fast, and high quality in all project deliverables we do.​​


Deliver high quality and the most efficient earthworks solution for our clients

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Group Past Experiences

1985 - 2000
2001 - 2015
2016 - Present

Coal Mining:

Bengkulu, Sawah Lunto, Tanjung Redeb


Sumbawa, Sorowako

Coal Mining:

Bengkulu, Lahat


Bangka, Jambi, Bayung, Lencir, Sumsel

Coal Mining:

Musi Rawas, Servo, Lintas Raya, Lahat, Muara Enim


NTB, Bengkulu, Sumsel, Sumut, Kaltim, Gorontalo, Serang / Banten

alatrental, Alat Rental, Alat Berat untuk rental, sewa alat berat, sewa excavator

Kencana Raya Group: Infrastructures, Rentals, and Mining. is a subsidiary of PT Kencana Raya Maju, a group that focuses on earthmoving businesses across 3 pillars: Infrastructures, Rentals, and Mining. is our pillar that provides earthmoving equipment rentals that mainly serves leading construction and mining companies across Indonesia.


PEP ( - is an earthwork contractor that focuses on infrastructure construction.

RENTALS - is a rental company that focuses on earthmoving equipments.


EXMIN ( - is a mining contractor that focuses on coal mining projects.

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